Beyond Sunday I When In Rome - Week 6

Beyond Sunday
Week of February 25, 2024

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” When in Rome, Part 6Romans 3:1-22

Written by Michael
Thought: Two of the many thoughts that stuck with me from Sunday’s message were these. We make a huge mistake when we compare ourselves in any way to anyone but Jesus, and our best lives are found in obedience to God. Two short stories relate.  

A friend once listened to what I shared from my journal and commented, “I wish I was as close to the Father as you.” Stunned, I said, “You’re using the wrong measuring stick, making the wrong comparison. That would be like saying that I am closer to the sun because I am standing on a step ladder—factually correct but totally insignificant.” The only person to whom we should compare ourselves is Jesus, and we all lose that one.

Read these relevant Scriptures: Galatians 6:3-4, Luke 8:9-14, 1 Corinthians 8:1-3 
Another friend once told me he was hesitant to go all in for Jesus because he feared he would have to give up things he loved. Shortly thereafter, he went through some very hard times because of some of what he feared giving up. He got through that with the help of the Holy Spirit, went all in for Jesus, and went on to live a more abundant life—not easy or trouble free, but a better life.

None of us needs the gift of salvation any more nor any less than anyone else, and we all have the same access through faith in Jesus. The only barrier is denying our need for salvation.  

Read: John 10:10, Matthew 11:28-30, Matthew 19:28-30, Philippians 3:18-21, Matthew 28:16-17

Discussion Questions:

·        Mike Clarensau made the point that, “The truth about us helps us know the Truth about God.” What truths have you discovered about yourself, and what has that revealed to you about God?
·        He also made the point that God does not “grade on the curve.” And yet, we tend to rank sins, considering some more serious than others. (e.g. Murder versus gossip) What are some of the things people tend to think of as lesser sins, and how are they viewed by God?
·        What was your biggest takeaway from Sunday’s message?
·        Against what person or people group do you tend to measure yourself?

Pray: Praise God for who He is, and thank Him for the hope He has given us through Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any place where you are “grading yourself on the curve.”


Next Steps:

·        It is never too late to join a small group. Check out the options here.
·        If you are new to Rock Hills, consider signing up for Growth Track here.

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