Sunday Groups

The following groups meet at various times on Sunday. Check out the available groups below and sign up today! You can sign up by pressing ‘Join’ and email the leader directly!

Essentials (Oct 1)

Gabe Stafford 

RHC | 10:30AM
Essentials focuses on the fundamentals of faith - the building blocks on which our understanding of God rests. We will learn "Who God is" and "How to pray" and "How to read the Bible". Whether you are new in your faith journey, a long time follower of Jesus, or exploring the claims of Christ; you'll find something here to strengthen and grow your relationship with Jesus.

Intercessory Prayer Group (Oct 1)

Corey & LaVerne Williamson

We will serve the Lord by interceding in prayer over the people of RHC, our Sunday services, and more. Please reach out to LaVerne Williamson for next steps on training to be part of this team.

College + YA

Ally Eichman + Mattea Black + Kaden Bower

RHC | 6:30PM
Our community of college and young adults is all about building relationships, growing deeper in our faith, and having a good time!
Dinner will be provided every week! We are excited to spend time in worship and dive deeper into God's Word together. 

Brazilian Small Group

Tony & Barb Siebold

Various locations | 12PM
We connect with Brazilians that are here for career or studies. We all ride to church together, and enjoy lunch afterwards. We meet throughout the week as well, and will update on that as the semester goes along.

Playdate Group

Landon & Heather Pool

Manhattan | 4:30PM
Join us for a playdate group (after naps and before dinner) to do life together and support one another through parenting in a safe environment for both parents and kids to come and enjoy!