Friday Groups

The following groups meet at various times on Friday. Check out the available groups below and sign up today! You can sign up by pressing ‘Join’ and email the leader directly!

Fort Riley Women's Walking Group

Laura Reynolds

Whitside Fitness Center | 9AM
Come walk with us as we listen to "Whoa that's good" podcast by Sadie Robertson and share about our takeaways together in life giving community.

Anyone Welcome

Jeff + Deborah Herzog

Manhattan KS | 6:30 PM
Game Night - a recap of the week, short devo, and FUN! Kids are welcome and can play games, basketball, etc.

Anyone Welcome

Daniel + Elisa Karkle

Manhattan KS | 7PM
We will gather together, encourage one another, and study 1 + 2 Corinthians. This is a bilingual group (English + Portuguese)

All Women

Rachel Fountain

MHK Public Library | 6PM
Go on a journey with us as we take steps to break free from anxiety and depression.

All Women

Morgan Boyer + Tatayana Turner

Fort Riley | 6:30PM
We would love for you to join us and connect with other military wives as we learn from Sadie Robertson Huff's study on "What the Women Saw" and how Jesus values and cares for women. Let's do life together!